General Delivery Information


Our standard Twin Cities metro delivery service is a delivery with-in within 25 miles.

  • Monday - Friday:8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Gas Surcharge applies to every order and is figured on a percentage of the mileage rate,and fluctuates with gas prices.
  • Saturdays: all deliveries are figured at the hot direct rate
  • Any weekday delivery outside our normal business hours is figured at the direct rate
  • All deliveries outside the metro area are considered out of town and out of town rates apply these rates are straight mileage plus gas surcharge
  • Sundays & holidays: delivery fees are twice the direct rate

Call today to get your rate quote, or email us.  Please put Delivery Quote in the subject line.


Additional Delivery Service Information

Waiting Time

No charge first 10 minutes, then $30 an hour with a $5 minimum.


No charge up to 200 lb. on regular deliveries (maximum of 50 lbs. per item). $5 added for every 200 pounds over 200. Add $5 for each item weighing over 50 pounds.

Wrong Address

Add $5 minimum for wrong address, plus there will be distance and travel time to correct address. The $5 is included in the distance and travel time.

Dry Runs or No freight

When unable to pick up, rate is 50% of the basic rate plus waiting time and the gas surcharge.

Round-trip Fee

Fee is charged on mileage only on return, plus gas surcharge.

COD’s & PayPal

Credit Card

Fee of $3 is charged for COD’s

Minimum PayPal charge is $3.  Fee of 3% on the total charge is added to any PayPal transaction.

Credit card fees are 4% of the total amount.

Special Requests

Rates are figured on a per request agreement and no standard rate may apply.

We welcome special requests and will always work with you to get your delivery done your way.