Special Delivery was started in 1995 by Jim & Belinda Blankenship. The company's philosophy is simple: render superior delivery services at fair prices, and always treat both clients and employees with great respect.

In 2007 Jim & Belinda decided to get out of the business and they sold the business to their most dependable driver Randy Edge. Special Delivery always been about providing exceptional service, and Randy has adopted and preserved the same values and ethics that the company was founded on. Wanting to continue to advance the business by providing better services than his competitors, Randy has offered new services to include process service, box truck service, and most recently vending services. After many years of working for and business, and owning the business since 2007, he believes in the philosophy that made the company strong, and has adopted the Moto for the business “Striving to be the best not the biggest”.

Special Delivery has a strong dedication to its customers, without whom we would not exist. The hard work and dedication of our drivers, and the dedication and hard work of the new owner, Special Delivery has many loyal customers, many of whom have been customers for a decade or more, and we continue to work to meet their special wants and needs.

Special Delivery is a fully licensed and insured Minnesota delivery company. Our United States Department Of Transportation (USDOT) number is 2973676, and Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) Motor Carrier Permit number is 373938, and our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Permit number is MC-620389-C. Special Delivery carries general liability cargo insurance with Progressive Insurance Company, and bonding against crime, with South Coast Surety being the broker, and Western Surety Company being the bond carrier.

Special Delivery MN LLC is fully licensed, bond and insured. We are licensed to travel out of state for your delivery needs.